Our Company

We are a company that engage’s in Real Estate Investments in the Seattle,WA Metropolitan area and nationwide in key cities. We Opened for Business in 2012 and are continually growing at a rapid pace. We buy and sell properties by trying to always create win-win situations for all parties involved. We are a company that does business with Integrity and have our partners and sellers best Interest in mind. If our partners & sellers don’t win, we don’t win, those are the standards we live by.

Our Founder




Evans Ojwang
Real Estate Investor/Entrepreneur
Market: Seattle, WA


Founded the company 5 years ago and later was joined with his Co-Founder John Lam. Evans grew up in the Seattle area and attended college at Highline Community College and then transferred to Shoreline Community college where he played College Basketball. Basketball taught him a lot about business before he even knew it. After Shoreline Community College He Attended Central Washington University and after college he started Seatown Investments LLC, Full-Service Real Estate Solutions. He has managed to build a good network of Investors and a rockstar team to help him in this venture. Real Estate Investing is one of his passions along with fitness, nutrition, and basketball. He is looking forward to expanding Seatown Investments LLC and finding new ways satisfy clients, homeowners, and everyone who he is involved with in business.

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